Renting a home can sometimes be complicated, sometimes even frustrating experience, particularly if you are unsure of the process. To help make the experience as straightforward as possible for you, we have outlined the key stages.

Holding Deposits

As an agent, we can take a Holding Deposit from a tenant to reserve a property whilst reference checks and preparation for a tenancy agreement are undertaken. Landlords and agents cannot ask a tenant for more than one week’s rent as a Holding Deposit.

NB: If the amount of Holding Deposit exceeds one week’s rent, the amount of the excess is a Prohibited Payment.

A Holding Deposit can be held for up to 15 calendar days; what is known as the Deadline for Agreement.

From taking the Holding Deposit, the tenancy agreement must be entered into (signed by both parties and dated) before the Deadline

for Agreement.  The landlord and letting agent can agree with the tenant in writing that a different day (for example an extension) is to be the Deadline for Agreement.


The landlord or letting agent who received the Holding Deposit must repay it if:

  • The landlord and tenant enter into a tenancy agreement.
  • The landlord decides before the deadline for an agreement not to enter into a tenancy agreement.
  • The landlord and the tenant fail to enter into a tenancy agreement before the Deadline for Agreement.

If one of the above applies, the Holding Deposit will be refunded within seven calendar days of the date of that decision or the Deadline for Agreement.

With a tenant’s written consent landlords and letting agents may ‘repay’ the Holding Deposit by allowing the tenant to deduct the equivalent sum from the first payment of rent or the Tenancy Deposit. 


The landlord or letting agent who received the Holding Deposit can keep it if the tenant:

  • fails a Right to Rent check regardless of when the deposit

was accepted

  • provides false or misleading information to the landlord or letting agent, which the landlord is reasonably entitled to consider in deciding whether to grant the tenancy because this materially affects their suitability to rent the property
  • notifies the landlord or letting agent before the deadline

for an agreement that they have decided not to enter into a tenancy agreement

  • fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement


NB: False or misleading information is information provided by the tenant that is not factually correct and seriously affected the landlord’s decision to let the property. Merely failing to reference would NOT be classed as providing false or misleading information.

For example, letting agents must be able to evidence that the

tenant’s income declaration was significantly too high, or the tenant provided information which is clearly inaccurate about their income or employment, or the tenant failed to disclose (when directly asked) any relevant information which later comes to the agent’s attention, such as valid County Court Judgements.

Register with us

To find your ideal property, we need to know as much as possible about your requirements. This includes your rental budget, the date by which you need to move, the type and size of property you need, etc. You can let us know all about your requirements by registering online, by phone or by visiting us where a member of staff can assist you.

With a clear understanding of your requirements, we will then be able to access all properties that match your criteria.

When you have registered, details of property can be sent to you by SMS, by Email or Post.


Viewings can be conducted 9 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 5 pm on Saturdays. You can book a viewing by phone Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 8.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

We usually accompany and conduct all property viewings and the Landlord will not always be present. In some cases, a Landlord may give us specific times for viewings, although we do ask them to be as flexible as possible. We normally keep keys and can generally access properties to suit your availability. To save time in the long run, you should try to ensure that anyone likely to share in the decision views the property as well.

After the viewing, we need to know if you have any questions or if you are interested in renting the property. So please allow time to discuss your thoughts with us.

Please be on time for viewings. We will arrange to meet you at the property, or if it is more convenient, at our office from where we can drive you. Sometimes we can collect you from your home or your place of work, depending on where these may be.

Making an Offer

If the property is suitable for you don't delay your offer as it could get secured for let by someone else on the same day! When you make an offer you'll need to pay us an administration fee to cover our tenant vetting costs and a deposit to reserve the property. The deposit will be deducted from your first month's rent unless you change your mind about taking the property, in which case you will lose your deposit.

Sometimes there may be an opportunity to negotiate the rental. This can be difficult, but by working with us, you'll benefit from our expertise in this area.

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